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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2004|10:45 am]

just so that everyone knows...
mrs. bryant, the art teacher at cam high was riding her bike last wednesday and was involved in a hit and run. unfortunately, the guy took off, leaving her there to die. they found the car she was hit with but the driver is nowhere to be found.
her memorial service is on sunday, august 8, at the ted mayor funeral home (3150 loma vista, ventura) 4:00pm.
sorry to be the bearer of bad news but hey. what happens in camarillo is everyone's news.
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I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE!!!! [Jul. 31st, 2004|09:51 pm]

[mood |bitchybitchy]
[White Noise |Bring Me Down - Useless I.D.]

Hey I just joined this community. My name is Sydney and I live in Ventura. I fucking hate it so much. There is nothing to do here, nowhere to go, none of my fav. bands come here so I have to travel to Orange County, the only bands that I ever want to see here are Army of Freshmen and The Return, I cant wait to move out of this hellhole. My best friend in the entire world Amber rathrbe_newhere introduced me to this community. hanks hun! I go to Saint Bonmaventure and I hate it even more than this town. That is all.
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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2004|01:19 am]

[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

wow camarillo is getting worse.
the camarillo police department recruited a lot of thousand oaks cops to just hang out at places and wait for trouble. there are three places the cam cops specifically mentioned due to the illegal drug usage and dealings that go on in these places.
1. The Rolling Pin
2. Denny's
3. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

all three of these places are where i hang out and yet, i have not been aware of the 'dealing' that goes on there.

and to make it even better, to start off my weekend, said cops decided to arrest my best friend and call her a prostitute.

i fucking hate cops sometimes.
not that they're that mean all the time, theyre just creepy. no matter what. they can be the nicest people ever but they still make you feel uncomfortable...
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oh yes i really hate it, id rather be anywhere but here... [Jul. 21st, 2004|07:15 pm]
[White Noise |Anderson- the Ataris]

Hey I'm amber lee, new to the community. love it. I was born in ventura, live in ventura, and will die in ventura. i like the setting, weather, etc., but hate the people. i go to st. bonaventure high school. i hate football players. it sucks.
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Yeah... [Jul. 9th, 2004|10:22 pm]

[mood |mischievousmischievous]
[White Noise |Me plotting my theft of the DANGER ZONE!!]

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Say goodbye to Apartment 666 and hello to House 666! (Gotta work on a new name...) [Mar. 31st, 2004|12:48 pm]

[mood |crazycrazy]

That's right, kids! 666 is relocating to a house tonite! It's over on Stonemeadow in the middle of town by the park with the track around it... If you wanna join in the fun and excitement of moving us, come on by the apartment and give us a hand! Also, we need a fridge and washer and dryer, so if you got the hookups, we'll take them! Let me know if you need to contact us to help (lack of directions or car to get here, etc).

Peace out late!

-K8e :)
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2004|12:18 pm]

[mood |blahblah]

people are being weird lately...
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Yeah... [Mar. 23rd, 2004|07:20 pm]

[mood |Back Pain = Gone!!]
[White Noise |Killswitch Engage]

Blah and a half.
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2004|03:09 am]

I was born in camarillo...

then moved to fillmore when i was 4...

eh... and you think CAMARILLO is bad...

try growing up in fillmore...
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